Rocket Junior Indoor Cricket Ball

World Class Indoor Cricket Balls.

• Premium quality leather construction
• Low impact centre for shape retention
• Durable and consistent performance
• Hand stitched
• Individually inspected
• Junior size and weight

Packed and sold in one (1) carton containing a dozen (12) Junior Indoor Cricket balls.



Rocket Sports has over 20 years experience and expertise to have developed the most durable, reliable and affordable cricket balls to the game we love. Finished by hand, every single ball we sell is personally inspected to ensure we only give you the best.

Our Indoor range was the first engineering creation by Rocket Sports as we knew there was a way to combine quality and affordability as one. Having over 40 years experience in Indoor Cricket itself, we know what it takes to deliver a long lasting, durable and consistent cricket ball. We play the game, we know the game, we love the game. Our passion is your benefit.

This ball is the only Junior Indoor Cricket ball on the market. Perfect for all cricketer 4 to 16 years old.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions .3 × .3 × .1 cm

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